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**Legal Obligations**


At Fer Hotel, we believe in and respect the supremacy of law and legal requirements. We prioritize providing our services within the framework of the obligations and principles we are bound to.


**Trust and Respect for People**


Our internal and external guests are undeniably the reason for our existence. Safeguarding and enhancing the atmosphere of respect and trust created for our employees and guests is our top priority. We organize planned and regular training sessions to increase and improve our employees’ integration speed into the ever-evolving world.


We believe in our responsibilities to apply and protect human rights without discrimination based on factors such as language, religion, race, gender, and social status for all our stakeholders.


**Guest Satisfaction**


We value feedback from our guests. Emphasizing a culture of feedback, we consider suggestions and complaints as opportunities for solutions.


**Support for the Environment and Natural Life**


We are aware that the services provided at our hotel carry an obligation to the natural environment. In this context, we prioritize reducing environmental pollution and valuing recyclable waste in line with zero waste activities.


**Efficient Use of Resources**


We strive to use resources efficiently in our hotel. We enhance energy and water consumption with alternative solutions, taking steps to prevent the wastage of these resources.


**Accessibility for Everyone**


Our hotel is designed to be accessible for disabled individuals with a specially designed room for disabled services. We underline the right of disabled individuals to receive equal service and have equipped our hotel entrances with ramps and a toilet suitable for disabled use.


**Local Suppliers and Sustainability**


To contribute to the development of the local economy, we prefer local suppliers who focus on providing quality and sustainable services. In support of sustainable tourism, we make environmentally friendly purchases with less impact on energy and waste matters.

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